The Social web existed shortly before Twitter and Facebook took over the so-called Social Media landscape. Among the first efforts was OpenID by LiveJournal. This allowed a single credential to log in to trusted remote servers without a full registration. Paired with this was really simple syndication (RSS) and friend-of-a-friend (FOAF) for syndication and discovery and XMPP for chat; many of these technologies were exposed by the big boys in the early days but that is no longer the case. With monopoly power comes so-called walled gardens.

In 2021 these technologies are still around, and the most cohesive social effort appears to be ActivityPub made popular by Mastadon and predeceased by ActivityStreams. A critical flaw with WebFinger (WF) and ActivityPub is that it does not work with a purely static server, which is our preferred approach. The flaw could easily by fixed and WF is still in draft status so there is still time to do so. Has the decision been meticulously considered or is it simply working as-is? Static generation seems to be newly hot in the 2020s, so to lock the standard in without consideration could be a nail in its own coffin--there is a great opportunity to support static sites right now [1]. The parties below the linked resources should be the first to support an effort.