Cryogen is a content management system (CMS) that generates websites to disk that can be served to clients using the cheapest possible technology: a plain HTTP server, which has the benfit of being easily cachable with a content delivery network (CDN) which is a go-to tool for scale for Big Tech applications.

Cryogen balances ease-of-use with power. We pair it with nginx to proxy dynamic portions like the API and add access control and live streaming support. In general a dedicated person can do anything that there is to be done and call in any Apper for a reasonable price if assistance is desired.

Similar to Jekyll which is no longer maintained, Cryogen is built with Clojure and decorates Markdown files with an EDN data structure of so-called metadata. Each site has themes which allows us to easily build a view for desktop sites and one for mobile, using the same view model which is effectively the data structure on the page or post along with the post body. The views are built using Selmer templates, inspired by Django which is popular in the world of Python.

Our approach to web development shirks responsive design that wraps all device views into one, following the theory that the bulk of work and expertise is required in web development is for that piece of the puzzle; if the cost of developing two simple views is cheaper than the cost of developing one complex responsive one, while sharing the same view model, then why not build two simple views?

Being a static site generator, we can use lsyncd to push changed output files in real time and we can generate the view models through external files that write them to disk and trigger the site's build process. This is effectively continuous integration given that there is no executable code on our site. If we need to build libraries or custom code we can certainly write tests and setup proper CI if needed... good problems, if we make it that far.

We start development with a bare desktop theme and aim to deliver value to the hands of users as soon as possible before we get fancy.