August 10, 2019

Maslow's Needs Quantified

Building on an idea I've touched on before paired with some new thinking, I've created a visual representation of well being. I included a present, and a reference example from my recollection of roughly 2015-16 era, shortly after moving to SF. For those unaware, I became homeless after slander from a manager at a big name company destroyed my reputation and I was unable to continue my career and depleted my savings.


Homeless in SF:

Needs: 2019


A year after moving to SF:

Needs: 2015


As a young programmer in high school, still living with my parents:

Needs: 2000


There was a total inversion between these periods. While my health and nutrition have vastly improved since that time, everything else has failed pretty abrubtly. The lack of income and housing make most higher level needs unattainable. Prior family was my weak link and it remains so. It would be an anchor that could help lift me up, and indeed when I was younger they indirectly assisted me by providing housing. The offer is still on the table but I refuse it because the health would suffer.

Not much needs to be said verbally since the layout of the graphic is pretty natural and patterns can be inferred. If a lower level contains little or no green, it is unlikely that a higher level will contain green. Previously I started thinking about how to quantify one's position and choose action based on that value, and this is indeed one step closer. I still like the exponential energy requirement line of thinking from previously, as it seems to extend to forcing success with money, upon a cursory look.

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