City Apper Labs makes documentation and wares that demonstrate our approach to system building. They are not production ready but can serve as inspiration and a basis for students of our School to move forward during their education. They are licensed such that they may be commercialized if desired. We prefer old and boring tech from our stack of tech tools.


CarPuter is an extension of Tiny DataCenter onto custom hardware that supported life in my car during pandemic after I did not have the required IT to complete training for my job at a grocery store. It evolved to using a Pi 4 with solar power and a 7" screen using very low power slightly prior to the release of the Apple M1 laptop. It uses about 10 watts with all accessories connected and was motivation to explore online selling and decide on Shopify Lite.

City Apper

City Apper began with the Day Worker model learned at the DW Center of Mountain View which is a first refuge for immigrants from south of the border and a last refuge for Americans who have fallen between the cracks and are left to choose between crime and honest work. It extends the 25+ years successful model to offer technical capabilities which are as predictable and well defined as gardening and domestic jobs which the center is known for.

Lab Projects

Social Demo

Social Demo is a series of demos that transform an HTML mockup into a full tech stack. It is a paused work in progress that will first be released to supporters of HarlanJI Premium or and friends of City Apper.

Point-of-Sale Demo

POS demo is a simple demo app that integrates with a payment processor and implements a simple food point of sale system that proceeds thru payment.

iSpooge Live

iSpooge Live is a streaming video platform built using static technology that is offline first and syndicates to other streaming video platforms.

Tiny DataCenter

Tiny DataCenter is 3rd option for cloud platforms that is built on commodoty hardware like RasPi and establishes conventions for small projects tha run in a cubic foot to support a small business.


Soashable is a web based IM client built on XMPP in 2008 with a simple user interface framework.


Clojure seed was a demo project built for a Web technology conference talk.