Create a website

  • Setup cost:
    • $15.50/yr for domain and email hosting
    • $40 for ras pi (on-prem/miror/master/offline)
  • Monthly cost:
    • $16/mo for AWS, including t2.micro instance and S3 for media $
    • $0/mo for RasPi, optional AWS S3 storage backing.
    • Home wired Internet
    • LTE unlimited data
  • Engineering cost: $15/hr for lead, $15/hr for each trainee.

Time Estimate: 2hr.

Please have all materials ready for work.

  • Credit card
  • Email account logged in
  • Web browser open
  • Terminal app open
  • Copy for about page written [optional]

Using a lead engineer and trainees if desitred and available,

We will construct a website that can be maintained by the employer.

Its foundation is Cryogen and it's self hosted on either AWS or a RasPi on the home Internet connection. It can be hosted in an infinitely read-scalable way on CDN with 15 minutes of setup.

Operations in either case are handled by Tiny DataCenter and media such as video can be optimized and segmented via utilities provided with iSpooge Live and customized playback via VideoJS Player.