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Email updates are provided via MailChimp.

Direct Email

You may contact us by sending an email to

I prefer to interact via comments despite their unavailability and our history of unresponsiveness on our channels. I am working on solutions to address problems within social media ecosystems.

Follow Activity

If you'd like to subscribe to our activity then you can follow the news feed:

The feeds are built with a technology called RSS. If there is a problem with the link then you probably need to install a reader app; I recommend the following:

RSS is a decades old technology that was offered by many social media platforms and then later removed from most of them.

Social Media

We're on social media but might not be responsive to DMs or comments. Email is by far the best way to get in touch and RSS the best way to follow over the long term, but we'll do our best to mirror our effort on social media. We're there for the discovery, so our activity will reflect that:

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