CityApper affiliates can earn for each sale they make.

CarPuter Alpha: $50

The CarPuter Alpha hardware is based on the founder's machine that he built during Lockdown in 2020 while isolated in his car. Based on the Raspberry Pi, the game was changed when the Pi4 came out and added 8x the RAM of the Pi3 and made the unit fly as a daily driver.

The CarPuter is fully open source and we encourage people to build their own and join our upcoming Cloud offering.

Currently we encourage sales to Prosumers who can save time and receive an assembled and configured CarPuter that they can use as soon as it arrives. We take about 2 weeks to build and test it in the early stages, but we deliver exactly that.

We include a year of support and a cloud account that they get full access to via a Reseller Hosting plan.

School: Hiring bonus matched ($600 starting, subtract $100/mo)

City Apper School is in its own class of post-Bootcamp programs for educated professionals with a slow growth, habit-based mindset. Our ideal students have a full or partial bachelor's degree outside of Computer Science (CS), have completed a bootcamp in past years and wish to level up their career. Like the platforms and internal tools of Silicon Valley itself we use Old and Boring tech.

A major drawback to bootcamps is graduates lack career growth opportunities compared to CS grads, and our school employs experienced instructors who took non-traditional paths through academia to fill in their potholes, and turn develoeprs into engineers. Our instructors only take 5 normal students and one charity student as a public service and work closely with them like a piano instructor to help them fulfill their individual goals by working toward qualifying for dream job postings with real work experience and labs.