CityApper is a group of software development professionals and amateurs who are ready to service your entry level IT tasks, including app development.

  • 7a-3:30p.
  • 6d/wk,

Employers start with a 5-minute application and transport the worker to the job site.

We are reliable and ready to serve on a moment's notice.

What is an apper?

An app is a worker that does exactly as you tell it. It can gain new skills and remember anything needed to do the job perfectly. An apper is a worker who makes apps like an app.

An app can run on its own micro computer that interfaces with your existing system, or integrated onto an existing Windows, Mac, or *nux/GNU-compatible machine.

How is an app made?

An app is made by two or more workers, a leader and their team of amateurs, and the project owner/boss.

The boss tells the leader what they need done, and the leader sets a reasonable timeline for the day and coming days, if requested. The boss can always call in a new team and ask for a second opinion on the estimate from another leader.

We learn from our history to the extent that we can, which gives us confidence in a core set of services; but, we always work on a day-by-day basis to deliver valuable solutions.