Welcome to City Apper

City Apper is a full service app shop that applies the best old and boring tech with education to meet the latest demands for business and consumer apps.

We bring ideas from conception to production in predictable steps, whether the budget is shoe string or AA. Our techniques have been forged by two decades of bootstrapping and work with industry leaders.

We have a school where we train appers who invest back into City Apper and in the best case pay their tuition via fulfilling service requests and making sales with our affiliate program.

Contact us if you'd like to develop a plan to realize your own vision with a package of our services, which are fulfilled by pairs or pods of appers. We also have a mailing list, RSS feeds, and do regular live streams for you to follow and get an idea of how we work.

Our One Product

Affiliates can make $50 per sale: details.

Here's the product page for sharing.


We offer zero-contact services to help build your vision:

Contact us if you'd like something related to our tech tools or labs and we can design and price out a new service to help: all of our work is sold through merchant services so that we can offer unbeatable prices and assign work to our aspiring appers who pair up with their instructors to do the work.

Delivery time is 3 days via Fiverr or Shopify, with one-day service for +125 USD for select services.